Called to Serve Trinity Church

Trinity Church is led by a session of five elders. Additionally, we have an associate pastor and a board of deacons. Their desire is to serve the body so that they are built up in Christ and the church is strengthened.


Pastor Dave Hatcher of Trinity Church in Kirkland

Dave Hatcher's Bio

Dave has been the pastor of Trinity Church since 1999.  Before that, Dave studied at Greyfriars Hall in Moscow, ID, under the direction of Christ Church CREC, and prior to that he was the Associate Pastor of an evangelical church in Annapolis, MD for 10 years.  Dave is married to Kim and they have 6 faithful children and 5 grandchildren.

Tyler Hatcher's Bio

Tyler serves alongside his dad as the associate pastor at Trinity. He and his wife, Kristina, have been married since 2013 and have been blessed with two boys and two girls. Tyler attended New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID, where he received a BA in Liberal Arts and Culture ('13) and an MA in Theology and Letters ('18). He also attended Greyfriars Hall for pastoral training. Tyler loves to read, sing, play sports, wrestle his boys, snuggle his girls, and do silly things to make his wife laugh.

Brett Baker's Bio

Brett was one of the founding elders of Trinity Church. When he is not arranging for the transportation of multi-ton pieces of equipment, he can be found lifting cars and balancing canoes (half full of water) on his chin. He's awesome.

Eric Letsche's Bio

Eric is a Pirates fan. Sometimes they win.


Roger Beasley

Wayne Edwards

Russell Hatcher

Jay Hummel

Nathan Morris

Gabe Poole

Roger Rathbun

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